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Our Company - Really is Different to the Rest...

Our company was established in 1923, that is now part of a major £6000+ million UK based PLC. We are a respected market leader and we are well known by millions throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. In the last four years, the company has experienced huge growth and has paid out over £130 million to it's network of people!

We have gone through a turnover of less than £20 million pa, to a turnover of approximately £100 million pa within the last 10 years and this has already produced incomes of over £50,000 every 4 weeks!

Projected growth is that the company is going to be turning over more than £300 million within the next five years. With less than 1 in 20 households in the UK and Ireland receiving a regular service from our company and marketplace of more than 400 million people in the European mainland - the potential earnings are phenomenal!

Our Company even gives away Mini's, BMW's & even Porsches to keep to it's top performers...

... and take hundreds of people on overseas trips each year - these will also be available for you!

The 45 Year Plan

It is outstanding how many people still believe that there is more security working for somone else than starting up in business for yourslef. Without even realising it, most people set off on The 45 Year Plan, also now known as the Employment Trap. this is where you leave full time education, get a good job, peak at 35 and then work with no real success in income untill retirement.

Even if you manage to achieve this very ambitous plan you still eventually end up at retirement with the equivalent income that you were earning at the age of 18. This is also assuming you have a very good pension.

People are generally living longer than ever before and many of us can expect to have as much as 25+ years of retirement. A part time business is a very good way of ensuring that you can enjoy those years, especially if the business builds up a walk away residual income.

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